Friday, July 24, 2009

Wine Pairing for the Everyday #1

Furniture Building.

First off, a couple of precautions: using power tools while under the influence of alcohol is not recommended by the author, café Taste or anyone that still has at least 20% of their gray matter still in reasonable working condition... And please work in a well-ventilated area as some woods are treated with toxic finishes.

To all the DIYs and adventuresome novices out there who are considering building a table, night stand, bookshelf and the like, I thought I might have the audacity to suggest a beverage beyond beer to accompany you through your project. Oh and don’t forget… a cover for your wine is recommended as you might end up with a bit more oak than you are accustomed to: a coaster, a tool instruction manual, or in a pinch 1 or 2 post-it notes will do.

We’ll need something to pair with the physicality of constructing furniture and the dexterity needed to apply the old adage “measure twice, cut once.” It should be a wine that doesn’t reside in the high-octane category, refreshing but not completely devoid of character.

2006 VQA Malivoire Gamay (17ish dollars)

This wine hits all the requirements: with a nose of black tea, strawberry, and floral notes, it is both light and uplifting. The start is all crisp berries without being sweet. The mid pallet is cranberry, with medium body and mild tannins. It ends with a lively, clean mouth feel. By my measurement, this vintage is worthy of 87/100, and it’s a definite buy for those who are not still hung-up on super large wines. Cheers!

What’s cooking:

  • My Bovine Exploitation Lasagne, 7 cow cheeses and beef! Available Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th.

  • This is the second week for our $3.00 Recession Pasta Tuesdays. Get a bowl of Pasta (Tuesday the 28th is chicken pesto with cheese) for $3.00 with the purchase of a wine flight!


  • The Niagara Bus Tour. Over 75% of the tickets are sold, buy yours today… Now in fact!

  • Our next Wine Tasting is August 12th featuring a deconstruction of Niagara! Jeremy will be discussing the many different types of soil all within Niagara.

David Berman

Food Geek

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