Friday, July 17, 2009

Ontario Wine Fair aftermath

It took a while to shake off the cobwebs from the “long days and alcohol” cocktail I was subsisting on, but now that I can see the vineyard from the grapes (?), I can look back at the Ontario Wine Fair 2.0 with pride. Truth of the matter was the economic downturn had left a concern in the air for this year’s event, but in the end, the wine and cheese enthusiasts attended on mass. There is certainly a measure of satisfaction to be had when someone asks when the next café Taste event is, while they’re currently partaking in one.
The wine representatives impressed all with their knowledge and their healthy stock of 80 wines. My personal favourite was the Sandbanks Foch Reserve 2007. I’ll spare you my technical analysis of the wine and just leave it at I’d actually sit through the entire Star Wars saga back to back for a glass…a large glass.
As for the cheese, judging by the way Greg was dishing out the Sauvagine and the Blue Haze, they would have to take the cheese crown for the day. Personally I’m more of a Chevre Noir man, but that’s probably more a commentary on the wines I drink than anything else… Which tend to be much like my personality... Dry.

Chardonnay - Flat Rock 2007
Gewurtztraminer - Calamus Estates
Pinot Gris - Norman Hardie
Riesling - Flat Rock Nadja's Riesling
Merlot - Lailey
Cabernet Franc - Tawse
Cabernet Sauvignon - Peller Estates
Pinot Noir - Grange Pinot
Gamay Noir - Chateau des Charmes
Red Blend - Calamus Red
Red under $25 - Sandbanks Baco Noir
White under $25 - Chateau des Charmes Sauvignon Gris
Red over $25 - Magnotta Enotrium
White over $25 - Norman Hardie Pino Gris
other Red - Legends Estate Malbec
other White - Chateau des Charmes Late Harvest Riesling
Winery - Southbrook

Best Quote:This is the best everything ever!” – a patron who probably doesn’t want to be identified.

What’s cooking this week:

  • Personalized cheese fondues.

  • The Taste Burger will be available in limited quantities on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • My "Aristaeus" 16 cheese risotto will also be making an appearance.


  • Niagara Bus Tour, 4 wineries, lunch, bbq and VIP treatment.

  • August wine tasting. It’s the deconstruction of Niagara! Jeremy will be discussing the many different types of soil all within Niagara

  • …and rumours of a Prince Edward County harvest trip! Shhh!

David Berman
Food Geek

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