Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chocolate and Wine Pairing!

While cheese and wine and culture might have all evolved together, I have managed to learn one irrefutable truth about chocolate and woman; do not, under any circumstances, attempt to come between them. So in tribute to our clientele, whom are mostly women, we are turning this month’s wine tasting into a wine and chocolate pairing.
I’ll be making my Asathoth chocolate (a blend of 3 chocolates, homemade biscotti, almonds and spices), Nug (A milk chocolate cup with cashew, almond and flaxseed butter filling.) dollops of dark, milk and white chocolates, fudge and straight dark chocolate.
I expect this to be very well attended, so buy your tickets before it’s too late.

What’s cooking:

The $3 Recession Pasta for this Tuesday (The 15th), is my cheese and veggie lasagna.

Angelo Bean sausages will be up for this weekend on the Patio!


Wine and chocolate wine tasting on September 16th.

David Berman
Food Geek

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