Sunday, September 20, 2009

Suckling Pig, Kangaroo Burgers, and Ostrich Thigh, oh my!

The weekend was an eventful one here at Taste. We hit the ground running on Friday with a packed Australian wine tasting hosted by guest speaker Doctor B!

The wines: (which are all currently on the menu)

2006 Harvey Riverbridge Shiraz

2007 Harvey Riverbridge Sauvignon Blanc

2007 Billy Goat Hill Estate Cabernet

Admittedly it turned out to be an excuse to bust out kangaroo burgers and ostrich thigh. To my pleasant surprise we had quite a few adventurous types in the house as the ostrich with rapini, peppers and Portobello side was gone before nine o’clock.

Saturday, pardon the pun, was a completely different animal, with a whole suckling pig on the menu for a Viking themed bachelor party. Staying on point I served it with sweet potato and apple stuffing and a side of roasted potatoes.

*The picture was taken in jest. I mean no disrespect for the animal who gave its life to nourish others.

What’s cooking:

On Saturday the 26th, Rack of lamb with red wine reduction, cranberry chutney, and grilled veg. AND Angelo Bean Sausages!


Tuesday 22nd, Mozilla’s private function.
Thursday the inspiring music of Jason Phin!
Friday, a Chilean wine tasting with special food pairings.

David Berman
Food Geek

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